Adopted methodology-ppt presentation

In attachement the ppt presentation of the methodology adopted by ARACNE: the Education to emotions for the management/resolution of conflicts in school. The presentation is in Italian language, because it has been used for the final public workshop in Napoli

The Italian experience

“Arts of Differences” arises from the meeting between needs of Municipality of Napoli (IT) and Municipality of Brest (FR). Even if the two territories are very different in regard to extension, inhabitants density and quantity, social history, on the other hand they have many things in common as, for example, the harbours: they have been for (...)

Studio di caso (italiano)

Studio di caso (Partners francesi): Da 10 anni lavoriamo con i nostri studenti sull’espressione multimediale tramite il progetto Web-Trotteurs des Lycées (Brest) e in particolare sull’intervista realizzata con mezzi molto semplici e accessibili a tutti (Pocket Cam, Smartphone...), pubblicata su Internet via una Web-TV partecipativa. Ci pareva (...)

The Italian Study Case (Etude de cas des partenaires italiens)

We have chosen this example as case study because it shows perfectly the background “the arts of difference” arises from. Social conflicts very often are based on prejudgments, on the idea I have of the Other and on the idea I image the Other has of me. Normally we act following our idea of reality. If we thing that a person is an enemy, we (...)

Italian activities

Aracne was responsible to elaborate and conduct activities with teachers and pupils focusing on the emotional education as tool for managing conflicts played in the school context. We have worked with teachers during school hours in order to incorporate contents and methodology relating to non-violent resolution of conflicts within the normal (...)


Here you are the templates for case-study, aimed at sharing reflections about approaches and methodologies adopted in the project “The arts of difference”. There are two templates: * Italian case-study: related to the emotional education as tool for the resolution of conflicts * French case-study : related on the use of multimedia as tool for (...)

Webtrotteurs didactical report

Every year, hundreds of young students learn the basics of journalistic writing through educational activities that combine different disciplines and let them discover cultural and scientific events in Brest ... and elsewhere. For the past six years, the emphasis has been put on video interviews, from the shooting to online publishing on the (...)
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