Italian activities

Aracne was responsible to elaborate and conduct activities with teachers and pupils focusing on the emotional education as tool for managing conflicts played in the school context.

We have worked with teachers during school hours in order to incorporate contents and methodology relating to non-violent resolution of conflicts within the normal teaching curricula.

The activities have been carried out in a different way in response to the different needs of the three involved schools:

* I.S.I.S. “Franceso De Sanctis”-Napoli

* Scuola Media Statale “G. Fiorelli”- Napoli

* Liceo Scientifico “Pietro Calamandrei”-Napoli

If you want to read more, here you are the presentations for introducing the education paths carryied out in Naples.

Presentations are in two languages: Italian and English

PowerPoint - 491.5 kb
Activities carryied out in Naples

Powerpoint presentation of education paths performed: the emotional education

PowerPoint - 497 kb
Esperienza Italiana

Presentazione Powepoint dei percorsi educativi sperimantati a Napoli: L’educazione ai sentimenti

Updated: Thursday 23 June 2011
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