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The art of difference is a learning partnership among peers. The project involves the Municipalities of Napoli (IT) and Brest (FR), some schools of both cities and two associations (one is Italian and another is French) actively involved in cooperation with schools.

The two Municipalities will share good practices related to policies aimed at coping conflicts within their educational system. Teachers of schools involved will exchange didactical practices and approach to learning programmes designing, through cooperative work and experience sharing.

Associations will have comparisons and exchange of good practices both in the use of ICT and methodologies as counsellors in guidance paths.

Aims: Use of tools from emotional education for social conflicts resolution within schools Multimedia as tool to reinforce social cohesion ICT as tool to sharing and cooperation Comparison between policies worked out for coping social gaps and conflicts affecting education system in Napoli and Brest

Main results:
- Report about policies worked out for coping social gaps and conflicts affected education system in Napoli and Brest geographical areas
- One guidance path addressed to teachers related to emotional education (IT)
- One guidance path addressed to teacher related to multimedia as tool for social cohesion (FR)
- One report about the guidance/training processes
- One multimedia work collecting experiences of teachers, students and association experts
- One web site
- One virtual community open to all the European stakeholders


- Municipality of Napoli – CEICC promoter
- ISIS Francesco de Sanctis - Napoli
- Istituto Comprensivo "G. Fiorelli" - Napoli
- ARACNE Associazione di Promozione Sociale

- Ville de Brest
- Lycée Vauban -Association Webtrotteurs- Brest

Updated: Tuesday 30 March 2010

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