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Within the framework of the “Arts of difference” project, the city of Brest and its partners have decided to pool their internet and multimedia skills with the objective of improving community harmony.

The city of Brest has been pursuing a public policy aimed at the social appropriation of ICTs since 1995, in response to the issues of social and territorial cohesion. The result of the policy is the development of a favourable context for the emergence of dynamic participants and innovative projects aimed at the widest possible number of people. It is within this framework that it supports the association of webtrotters involved in the Comenius Regio project as well as the many other associations that form the network of internet and multimedia use in the Brest area.

This policy is recognised across the whole of France for its uniqueness and for its innovative character. The city of Brest is widely perceived as being avant-gardist thanks to the purpose of its policy and the means that have been implemented to achieve it. The effect of this is to create a genuine local dynamic: a wide range of projects and initiatives led by actors from many different spheres (social, cultural, educational, sociocultural, artistic…), a sharing of means and cooperation between the players.

Within the framework of the project, it seems to us extremely important to share this original Brest experience with our Italian partners, and in particular the policy of social appropriation of the ICTs, the actions implemented by the city of Brest, and the initiatives that have benefitted from regional support.

As a complement to, and in comparison with, the Neapolitan context, we have also chosen to present Brest’s educational policy, which stands out thanks to the existence of a network of actors who ensure the coordination of all educational actions taken within the territory.

This document is therefore in two parts: the first concerning the policy of social appropriation of the ICTs, and the second concerning the city of Brest’s educational policy. June 2011

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