The Italian Study Case (Etude de cas des partenaires italiens)

We have chosen this example as case study because it shows perfectly the background “the arts of difference” arises from. Social conflicts very often are based on prejudgments, on the idea I have of the Other and on the idea I image the Other has of me. Normally we act following our idea of reality. If we thing that a person is an enemy, we will have a conflict and aggressive attitudes toward him/her; thus, since this person will feel attacked, he/she will answer us in the same way. This way the conflict will start, then aggressive and/or violent behaviors will come.

The mean idea of the project was to test methodologies and tools in order to prevent conflict and aggressive attitudes and aggressive and/or violent behaviors through the improving of awareness of one’s own mechanisms related to the rising of anger.

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Italian Case study

How emotional education tools have supported us in managing conflicts played in the school context

Updated: Wednesday 17 August 2011
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