The Italian experience

“Arts of Differences” arises from the meeting between needs of Municipality of Napoli (IT) and Municipality of Brest (FR). Even if the two territories are very different in regard to extension, inhabitants density and quantity, social history, on the other hand they have many things in common as, for example, the harbours: they have been for long time the core for the life and the history of the city. In recent years, both the cities are trying to increase again the value and the importance of the harbour in the city life in order to support their social and economical developments that were in difficulty. The two cities also share social difficulties that often implies a high rate of conflictuality among teenagers too. General aim of the project was to exchange tools, addressed to teachers and students, for coping and solving daily social conflicts and difficulties. Within this framework, Municipality of Napoli and Brest have exchanged information about good practices performed in the schools of both territories and aimed at pacific resolution of conflict and/or reinforcement of social cohesion. We chose to use two different approaches that seemed very far; instead, they are very compatible and complementary. Each territory has done many experiences with one approach, instead, it had need to know and experience the other one, in order to assess its adaptability and the transfer that might follow. In attachement the report related to the Italian approach: the Education to emotions as path aimed at non violent solution of conflicts. The didactical experimentation is performed by ARACNE, with the active involvement of 3 local schools. The report is in 3 versions: Italian, French and English

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L’expérience italienne-version française

Rapport sur la méthodologie adoptée et les activités entreprises dans le projet "Arts of difference". Le but de l’expérimentation est l’ utilisation d’outils et d’approches de l’Education aux émotions, pour la résolution des conflits dans les écoles.

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Report of Italian experience-English version

This is the Report of adopted methodology and activities carried out in the "Arts of difference" project, by ARACNE. Main aim of didactical experimentation is to play tools and approaches of Education to Emotions for the management/resolution of conflicts within Schools

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Report of Italian experience-Italian version

Questa relazione illustra la metodologia e la attività ralizzata da ARACNE nall’ambito del progetto "The Arts of difference". Finalità della sperimentazione didattica: l’uso di strumenti ed approcci dell’Educazione alle Emozioni per la risoluzione dei conflitti nei contesti scolastici

Updated: Wednesday 19 October 2011
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